Organisia Vendor registration is very simple and easy where anyone can get registered in a matter of few minutes by providing the required information

Organisia will check the submitted Vendor Registration information and approve accordingly

Click on the following Vendor Registration link; you will be guided through the process.

Seller Packages | Organisia Store

Nothing complicated; just your basic information including.

  • Name
  • Cell Number
  • Email 
  • CNIC No 
  • Scanned Copy of CNIC
  • Information about Payment Method (bank Account, jazz Cash or Easy paisa etc.

Yes, initially 3 Vendor categories have been introduced

1- Free 

2- Professional

3- Business

Seller Packages | Organisia Store 

The vendor will receive payment for the sold items twice a month.

First, in the beginning of the month (1- 5)

Second, in the middle of month (15- 20)

Further, weekly payments can also be scheduled for larger sales volumes or business vendor category. 

The only condition is that payment will be released minimum after 3 days of sale. 

Yes, the vendor should handover the order to our partner courier company within 72 Hrs from the time of order confirmation.

In case the vendor fails to complete order processing within 72 Hrs; then Organisia Store reserves the right to cancel that particular order.

In case of a genuine reason, the vendor should inform Organisia Store and the respective customer. If the customer agrees for an extended period then Organisia will not cancel the order.

However, repeated delays in order processing are strictly discouraged and it will negatively affect the vendor rating.


All those products which in general are offered at a departmental store are allowed at Organisia Store. However, Grocery and Organic Products are preferred and promoted the most at Organisia Store

Yes, there are certain prohibited items which are not allowed at Organisia Store

In general, these products are those which are not allowed by the law or are not socially accepted since they are against our cultural values or ethical and religious standards

The terms & conditions for Organisia Vendors can be accessed from the following link.

Terms And Conditions | Organisia Store

No, there is no such charges. However, Organisia Store will charge its agreed commission percentage on the sold items + the vendor will bear the charges incurred against bank and other funds transfer options as and when applicable.

For Professional and Business category vendors, Organisia will manage SEO and Graphics of the products within a week time after receiving the product details by e-mail. 

Service charges on bank transactions, Jazz Cash and EasyPaisa will be paid by Vendor.

Yes, Organisia Store allows selling same products by multiple vendors. However, the products with more reviews, good rating and quality SEO will appear on the top in product search and store home page.

For the Business Vendor Category, Organisia Store will manage monthly promotional campaigns on different social media sites including facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

Organisia Store provides full support for Business and Professional Category Vendors with WhatsApp, Call, E-mail & other value-added features.

On confirmation of an order, the vendor will manage the packing and labelling of the item and then deliver it at the partner courier company. 

From where the item will be delivered to the customer and the vendor will receive his amount as per agreed schedule.

Yes, Organisia Store enables you to remain updated about your order status.

For that you just need to log-in to your ‘Organisia Account’ & check the product/s sale and delivery status.

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